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19 Sept 2013

'Jekyll' is hard to spell

I've been planning to do another revision to this site for about eight months now, and have also been interested in using Jekyll since listening to Jen Simmon's Web Ahead podcast with Young Hahn and Dave Cole. It makes sense, but I didn't realize at the time that Jekyll is a bit of a darling -- I was primarily interested in the combination of no-database + templating + blog-friendly + ruby. Those characteristics really felt like a sweet spot for me. Still, I spent a good chunk of yesterday investigating alternative CMS-less frameworks, just to make sure there wasn't a shinier bandwagon I wanted to jump on. After several hours of thoughtful contemplation (analysis paralysis), I ended up exactly where I had been before: Jekyll. But at least I was annoyed enough to finally install the damn gem and get started today.

I did find a couple of pretty nice posting on static site generators, though: - How to serve your static site through S3 and a CDN (!) - I don't know if Evan Muehlhausen's posting was born out of a similiar fit of analysis paralysis, but he sure got a lot of analysis done. He does point to the Pelican framework, which could easily have been my top choice (<3 python) if I hadn't really wanted a ruby framework.